Thursday, March 4, 2010

TOPIC 9: Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

As Educators we know the most important link to success in any plan prepared for one of our students is the connection and support of the parents.  We also know that at times, it is hard to include parents in the planning process as well as designate roles and responsibilities to this all important team member.
The keys to involving parents is to open a line of communication without the negative connections.
Some ideas to open a positive line of communication are:
  •  Establish a positive line of communication early in the year
  •  Send home classroom calendars
  •  Send home Newsletters
  •  Send home Good news notes
  •  Call home with Good News
This will help alleviate any negative concepts if problems do occur later in the year.

When negative behavior does occur use the same format and plan as for the Functional Behavior Assessment.

     Walker et al. (2004) Anitsocial Behavior in School Evidenced-Based Practices., Second Edition. Chapter 9

Check out these web sites:,1607,7-140-5233-23090--,00.html

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