Saturday, March 27, 2010

An example of operational definition and some lessons to support student

When student is given directions or non preferred activity to complete student will show inappropriate behaviors.  Student will yell, throw paper, throw pencil, throw self, or reach out to squeeze persons hand or arm who has given instruction  or given the student direct instruction to complete a task

Examples of this behavior:  Student directed to complete math page, yells out NO to teacher, teacher goes over to student and tells student "You do or I 'll do for you"  student continues to refuse work instructions, teacher then does one part of problem for student.  Student then throws paper on floor and pushes chair back from table and seems to 'throw' self back in chair then slides down to floor. 

Non example of behavior:  Student directed to complete math page, yells out 'NO' the teacher redirects and states,"You do or I'll do for you" student then complies and follow directions and completes the page.

Lessons to teach student appropriate response to instructions:

Lesson 1 - Instruct all who work with student the correct procedure for dealing with inappropriate responses from student.

Lesson 2 - Prepare student for math completion by interacting prior to instructions that he needs to finish work first.  Introduce a 'pass' to student that states 'I need a break"  which he may use one time during one instructional time the first day.  The student should be given the break as soon as he states or hands the 'pass' to adult.  His break should only last 5 minutes then he must complete task without anymore breaks.

Lesson 3 - Student should be using the 'I need a break" pass during time SLC teacher is in the room only at this time.  When student has shown understanding and generalization with use of pass the student should then be told and instructed that the pass can be used three times during the day only.  He is to hand or state what he needs before break is given.  A timer should be used to allow student a visual of time allowed.  When the break pass has been generalized throughout the day with use from all adults he interacts with daily then a new pass should be introduced in the next lesson.

Lesson 4 - Student will be given sentence  pass folder - in the folder will be a variety of feelings (angry, frustrated, tired, hungry, hurt, sick, etc) For student to use within his sentence prompt I feel______I need a break.  This prompt should be given only three times per day and should replace the prior prompt ( I need a break)  Student should be encouraged to verbalize the sentence but only allowed to use three times per day.  If student verbalizes statements the response should be , "I'm sorry, but you need to finish your work".  All adults involved with student should be non-emotional and  use smaller sentences with direct and frank instructions.  He should not be given extra attention during 'fits' but given 5-10 minutes of time to calm down and then given redirection before adult in charge begins hand over hand instruction to have student complete task.  Each time a step is completed thank the student and then direct to next task, 'you do'  and continue until 50% of work is completed then give stu dent break to go to bathroom and get drink.
Basically, if the student has no passes left and 'tantrums' through a lesson IF he completes the task he will get another break. 

This should continue until student follows instructions with the use of verbal prompts only.

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