Wednesday, March 3, 2010


• Kim wants a home.

• She wants to have a large house with a yard.

• She wants to have a guest room

• She wants to have a room for just ‘her stuff’

• She would also like to be finished with school work


The people in my family People in my community People as friends

John                                    Pastor                      Ann
JT & Jackie                           School buddies           Pat
Jennifer                                College buddies         Jennifer
Jessica & Steven                                                   Cindy
In - laws
Mom & Dad


• With school and work there is not much time for the things I used to do in the community such as sing in the choir, go swimming, PTA when my children were younger

• Without the time, I really don’t do as much as I should

School Home community

IEP planning Cleaning Church

Team building Relaxing



Eat veggies every day

Use the stairs daily

Daily interactions that are


Visit doctor yearly

Eat three meals a day?

Eat too many sweets
don't have a regular exercise routine
Don't say NO


1. Born 1965

2. Moved to Missouri in 1968

3. Moved to Lawson Mo. 1973

4. Grandma dies in 1978

5. Grandpa dies Christmas 1982

6. Graduate from high school 1983

7. Meet my husband 1984

8. Marry my husband 1985

9. Have my son 1985

10. Have my twin daughters 1987

11. Go back to college 1992
12. Get my Recreation therapy associates 1995

13. Worked three years as activity director

14. Went back to school 1999 began working as a Para educator

15. Graduated with a BS in education 2003

16. Worked as a Kindergarten teacher 2003 – 2008

17. Began poise program 2008

18. Today


Academic & Work

When and how to complete assignments

What classes to take

If I want to come to class

How I get to class
What to wear

How to arrange the house
When to clean & how
Where do I put my things?
What to wear
How to arrange my closet


• Respect is what you give

• You must give respect to earn respect.

• I feel that today – too many people do not understand the way they talk to people is a form of respect.

• We have gotten away from giving respect due to age

Gains Respect

• Do what I say I will

• Give respect

• Allow room for differences

Looses Respect
* Tell others I don't have the answer
* What I wear
*  Weight

Talk it out
Discuss the concerns and brainstorm

Tell me when I make hurtful or

Unfeeling comments

Writing a note


Talking behind the back

False praise

Facial judgment

Ignoring the problem

Keeping it all inside


• I will do well in the two classes I am enrolled in this semester

• I will pass the capstone

• I will live to see my grandchildren

• I will one day own a home


• That people do not respect me

• That I don’t have a true understanding of Christ

• Failure

• Losing my parents

• Losing my job

• Not being what God has intended


• Low self esteem

• Defeat us attitude

• Do not always see the positives in self

• Rely on gut feelings rather than logical answers


• A lot of people who believe in me

• KCK backing me in many decisions

• Family supports

• A God who understands

• Strong support by in-laws


The Theme realized is one

Of strong family supports

Strong desire to own a home

Strong belief in God


• Continue to work on academics and continue to improve best practices

• Work on treating self to exercise and work out – get that heart beating!
• Learn as much as possible
• Believe in self


Continue to work diligently on course work

Work extra hard on doing work the RIGHT WAY

Learn as much as possible through interacting with as many people

As possible

My to Do List

What                                               Who                    When

Continue studying                      Me                      NOW

Get finances in order                  Me & husband       5 years

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