Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kim's Take

Hi Everyone!
This blog is a very useful tool!  I used to always go straight to my computer to windows to create items and find old items I have made in the past.  I believe this will be the new me - perhaps it will build some skills in technology that I lack so intensely!  This research is also proving to be very interesting as my students will benefit from the information I have already soaked in!  I had one prep meeting today for a possible FBA (Functional Behavior Analysis)  process with the beginnings of taking the data.  I have another student who had an FBA which has not been in working order since school began and he is beginning to wear all us down.  We finally threw in the yellow flag for some help!  This information is right on time:)
Hopefully everyone who joins the blog will see vast improvements and the information compiled here will be helpful to others as well as for myself:)

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